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Dr. Robert Overdrive


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The most accurate replica of the original UL730 preamp

We’ve found some internet and old schematics but major discrepancies between the published schematic and the real thing were detected. We checked every component type and value so we are 100% sure this is the closest you can get to the rarest Vox amp. The pedal also works with the same voltage the original amp does, the circuit takes the 9VDC and converts it to 18VDC.

Mach Schau! (extra feature)
Get more saturation with an independent volume control. Use it in solo parts to raise the volume or just to have more distortion with the same volume. "Mach Schau!" was shouted by the businessman from one the Hamburg's venues when the Beatles resided in Hamburg when energy fell flat, and they had to put on more of a show.


High end components and true bypass switching
You will find the finest and closest components to the original amp on the Dr. Robert: Carbon comp resistors, Nichicon Fine Gold and Wima caps, Alpha pots and switches...


Dr. Robert works for guitar & bass players
The VOX UL400 series (designed for bass) almost have the same circuitry than the VOX UL730 preamp. We tunned the FET circuit so Dr. Robert sounds flawless with bass too. No low-end drops resulting in a great preamp and distortion tool to plug directly to the desk or into an amp.


Bass and Treble internal controls
The original VOX UL730 had a 3 band eq: Middle, Bass and Treble. Middle control is the one that helps to tailor the tone better, that is why this is one of the main controls. You can access to Bass and Treble controls inside the pedal. Check out the internal controls section to know more about this.

Artwork by Klaus Voormann, designer of The Beatles' Revolver album cover. 

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