Octahive Octafuzz


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It's All in the Octave

The Octahive is a super high gain fuzz with a well pronounced high pitch octave. 

Octave on!  

On the octave mode, things can get really nasty, splashy and gated. It's great for high gain leads, specially when played above the 12th fret. With a little less Honey you can get that "purple haze" tone. At low gain settings it can produce "ring modulator" overtones, great for textures.

Octave off!

 With the octave off it's a whole different pedal, producing a warm and thicker fuzz tone, making it more versatile and "chord friendly".

The OctaHive was based on the 1970's Tycobrahe Octavia and it can produce classic and modern sounds. A great addition to every pedal board.


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