Spruce Effects x SCS Excalibur Fuzz and Boost Pedal

Sale price$249.00


Excalibur is a dual channel hand-made silicon fuzz and germanium boost based on the fabled silicon Mosrite Fuzzrite and Dallas Rangemaster germanium Treble Booster. While the original Fuzzrite circuit is legendary, it lacks tone-sculpting options for modern players. Spruce Effects and SCS teamed up to retain the Fuzzrite's gnarly vintage charm while greatly expanding the pedal's tonal capabilities. The pedal boasts two independent order-switchable fuzz and boost circuits. Excalibur was hand-built with love [and a little bit of magic] by tone wizard Brian at Spruce Effects.

The first 25 units will ship around 2 weeks after launch (January 20), while the second batch of 25 will ship approximately 3 weeks after launch.

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