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The Windmiller is a recreation of the Grampian Type 636 Reverb Unit preamp, which Pete Townshend used to fatten up his tone and boost the guitar signal.

Holy Versatile 

A versatile pedal that can be used as an 'always on' preamp with a beautiful color, a booster for solo parts, or a tool to saturate and enhance the amp's natural overdrive. Based on the preamp of the Grampian Reverberation Unit Type 636 S/N: 1138


GAIN: Set the amount of signal boost of the instrument you plug into it. At counterclockwise position will increase around 3dB’s (depending on the settings of the Lo. Cut and Hi. Cut knobs) compared to the bypassed signal. As you start to turn the Gain up, it will build up more volume just like a regular preamp or booster. 


LO. CUT: When using The Windmiller Preamp a la Townshend style (to saturate your amp) you may find the resultant overdrive is a bit fuzzy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but we have found useful to include this Lo. Cut control to reduce bass content and make mid frequencies pop out a bit more. When it is fully counterclockwise it will reproduce the entire bass frequency spectrum (like the vintage Grampian 636) and as you start turning it clockwise, low frequencies will drop.

HI CUT: The vintage 636 tone is perfect for single coils because it tames its high end and makes it sound slightly round and mellow, just the perfect amount. But on the other side, we found that humbuckers were a bit unhappy with that. For this reason, we made The Windmiller Preamp brighter than the 636 and included this Hi. Cut control so it is more versatile with any kind of guitar and pickup.

Estimated to ship May 2021

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